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About us

ALTEC, French manufacturer, has been developing its agricultural equipment for you for more than 20 years.

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Our history

ALTEC is the trademark of the company ALTEC SAS based in Morlhon Le Haut in Aveyron. Since 1989, our French SME has been innovating with more robust and ergonomic products and of high quality which really make a difference. In 2012, the company decided to change direction to more technological products through automation and precision with the on-board dynamic weighing system. In 2016, the company created a new ALTEC SYSTEM range with the logic of differentiating and dynamising innovations in automatic, dedicated animal feeding (cattle, sheep, poultry etc.). This historical expertise makes ALTEC a privileged partner for farmers seeking reliable products that are suited to their needs.

" Trouver les solutions adaptées à vos tâches quotidiennes est notre défi. Les réaliser en vous les rendant accessibles, sans compromettre la qualité, est notre fierté."

Philippe GIL - Président

Our products & solutions


Our equipment has been conceived to last. You will be glad to have chosen ALTEC quality.


Functionality, performance, ergonomics etc. Our products will provide you will real comfort when using.

Altec System
ALTEC System

Practical and high performance, our solutions will fit into your environment perfectly.

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Are you demanding? We have designed our products to be the best in terms of performance, ergonomics and precision. Our design office is committed to adapting to customer needs and creating new products.

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Listening to your needs

We ensure to meet customer needs whether that is our service or our products. The machines change according to the requirements and needs of farmers: we have designed the Pick n' Go range with this in mind to make the daily life of livestock farmers easier.

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Robust and reliable

Our products excel in their performance, precision and longevity.



Our export potential was identified a number of years ago and we have been committed to it over the long term. For us, export is an additional lever for growth.

In order effectively to market our ranges of products, we rely on a network of import partners. We are therefore used to quality controls, specific packaging, guarantee etc.
Our sales promotion strategy allows us to be present today in various countries throughout the world: Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belarus, Russia, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, Japan, Australia etc.

Our international development is based on :
- Very close, long-term relations with our importers in the countries where we have a presence
- Major international trade fairs
- Marketing through the specialised press

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Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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